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The packages below consist of 3 main parts with the aforementioned separate attributes. The packages and options are explained here..

Product Api Call.

This package type is used the most. You can use this to quickly and easily get a response via curl to details about a product available through an EAN / ISBN or MPN number. The starter's package has 5000 calls per month, for example. So 5000 barcode calls can be used to get the details. An API call can use the specified amounts including the chosen package, all specifications, photo URLs, retail prices, advertising brochures. The attributes, such as brochures, stores, advertising brochures, retail prices and branches are included in the advanced, professional and enterprice packages.

Datafeed addition

This package type is very useful if you as an online store owner work with suppliers who provide product lists with only EAN codes, product titles and 1 photo. With our BULK lookup service, we adjust all this information, whereby you notice all specifications, images URL (some up to 80), categories, descriptions. If all retail prices, advertising brochures, stores / locations and opening times are desired, this is possible be taken along. The steps are as follows:

  • Email us your CSV or spreadsheet to be processed right away.
  • We search our database and retrieve all the product data we can find.
  • You receive a formatted CSV with all the data when the order balance is paid.
  • One-off start-up costs for the customized conversion of your products data feed with Barcodes to a data feed with the specifications found.

Download datafeeds

If you choose for an entire data feed of around 10 million products with all data included, you can implement it as you wish. Think of loading and matching affiliate feeds with the EAN codes and all information, images, brands and specifications in no time. Here you can choose a timeframe. Products are updated monthly. Many products are no longer supplied and new products are added. The data feed that is downloaded is therefore only for a temporary duration and needs to be extended if you want to stay up-to-date on the product range.

Our packages

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